Why PS4 software updates can be more important than ever

A software engineer has told ABC News she found it increasingly difficult to get updates from her PS4.

“I had a really bad day last week and I woke up and I had to wait for my email to come through,” said Rebecca Goss, a software engineer from Sydney.

She has been using an app called MindMap to record the locations of her phone and then uploads the results to the app.

“[It] makes it much easier to get notifications on things like that, especially if you’re a really busy person.”

Ms Goss said she has not received any update from Sony yet, but was hoping for a patch.

MindMap uses a database of GPS locations of people to make it easier to update software.

“It’s really useful,” she said.

“If you need to know if something is working, then you can actually find out and see if that’s working.”

I use MindMap because I have an iPhone, so I can check it when I’m out and about and get updates.

“Sony Australia did not respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

Ms Bowers said MindMap was not the only solution for her.

For example, she could turn off her GPS, so she was not using the app constantly.

But the problem with MindMap is that it has been criticised by other users, including her father, who complained that it did not help with his wife’s mental health issues.”

When it comes to the way we live our lives, it really is like this big family of apps that we use all the time, and it really does not help,” she told ABC TV.”

We live with it.

“Ms Bower said she used to find MindMap frustrating, because it only showed her where her phone was.

But the app’s developers had recently launched a software update for iOS devices.

Ms Bowers said the company was now working on a software upgrade for her iPhone.

Sony said Mindmap was not a part of its software update process, but it said MindMaps software update would come in a few weeks time.


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