Why do some apps and websites offer freebies?

Free software and other software have long been the focus of free software developers.

But, as the market has matured and the number of paid apps has grown, free apps have become increasingly popular as a way to support and incentivise the development of new software.

Here are the top 10 free software apps that offer free updates, paid or free.


A new app from AptoideAptoise, an independent design software company, has created a free app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch called Aptolive.

The app is based on the open source Design for Aptoside app, but with some tweaks to improve its UX.

“I think it’s a very powerful tool for the industry and a great opportunity for us,” Aptoe says.

It offers a new way to collaborate on your design.


Aptool, an app from the developers of the free online magazine design magazine, offers free updates.

The developers have created a tool that allows users to post updates to their designs.

“We’re always looking for new ways to improve our products and services,” says Aptools marketing director John O’Sullivan.


Ape, an online design software that lets users create digital art from photos and text, has developed a free design program.

It lets users upload a photo or text to create an image or drawing and upload it to a site that will display a canvas that the user can then place on the canvas.

“It gives you the freedom to make any type of art you want,” says the developers.


Design studio Kapt, which is based in Ireland, has released a free program called Kapt 2.

The program offers users a way of making their design visible to the world through the sharing of digital content.

The developer has also created a paid app that allows its users to upload their own content and distribute it through the app.


InDesign, a design software tool, is a new project from the creators of the popular digital design program, InDesign.

The software has been created for Mac and Windows computers and allows users, for free, to create their own designs.


A couple of companies are offering free updates to iOS apps that allow users to view content and make changes to their design.

They are The Paper Factory and Todoist, two popular iOS design software applications.


A group of artists has created the app for iOS called Sketchify, which allows users create their designs from scratch, even if they are not designers.


The makers of the iPad app for designing have released a new design program called Sketch, which lets users post a sketch or photo of their designs to a website and then have it be posted to the website.


A free digital design app for the iPhone, released in September, lets users design objects using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other free software.


Design software firm Creative Studio has released an app for iPhones called Pro, which provides free updates and features.

It has also developed a paid version of the app called Pro Plus.

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