Why Apple has no intention of pushing its latest Apple TV update

Apple has offered no official explanation for the sudden halt to its latest software update for its Apple TV.

But the company has been quietly pushing out a series of updates over the past few weeks.

And Apple said Friday that it was pushing out an update on its own.

The latest update for the Apple TV, which is now in beta, brings support for the 4K video capture feature.

Apple’s push for 4K is significant because 4K TV screens are expected to be significantly cheaper than those in the $300 to $400 range, which make the cost of the feature a more attractive proposition for TV makers.

This is important, said Jonny Ive, vice president of product management for Apple TV at Apple.

We think 4K TVs are going to be a significant, significant consumer segment for us, so we’re working hard to make it happen,” Ive said.

It is not clear whether Apple will make any significant improvements to the Apple Remote, the company’s most-used remote control.

At a panel at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Friday, Ive repeatedly declined to speculate about how much Apple is spending on the AppleTV’s software, or if Apple plans to make any further hardware improvements.

In a statement, Ives said: “The Apple TV has received a software update in the last few days, which will help ensure that it’s up to date on upcoming changes to our software.

We are still working to deliver the update, but the updates should be available in the next few days.

“The new update will bring support for a new way for Apple to manage the content of its home theater, a feature called Apple Content.

Unlike the existing video-control features of the Apple TVs remote, which are accessed through an Apple Remote app, Apple’s Apple TV will use the content management system for content itself.

That system is not compatible with the remote-control feature, but is the most powerful way to manage content on the device, making it more secure and flexible than the remote control itself.

The new Apple TV software update will likely be the first major update to the company in years, and Ive will likely have to rely on the release of new hardware and software to deliver it.

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