Which are the best Android phones, and which are the most useful?

With Android Marshmallow coming to the Nexus 5X, the question of what the most common use cases for Android are has become more pressing.

Android is, after all, the most popular mobile operating system.

So what are the top five Android phones that have been the most helpful to me, and why?

Here’s a list of the best smartphones that have given me more productivity, added more entertainment, or added new features.

In addition to being fun to use, the Nexus 6 is the best choice for most of the people out there, and for those who have an extra $500 for an extra camera and extra storage, this is the phone to get.

If you don’t need an extra storage space or extra cameras, consider the Pixel C, a $99 Android phone that doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of the Nexus or Pixel series.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for the best tablet or phone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is a great option for those that want something that will run apps natively, and will also get you more entertainment.

But what if you need more power?

What if you’re looking for a smartphone that has enough battery life and is a bit smaller than a typical smartphone?

The Pixel CXL is the answer.

It’s a 5.2-inch Android tablet that has a 5,800mAh battery, and has a battery life of up to a day, and up to four days of standby time.

The Pixel XL is a 5-inch smartphone that runs Android Marshmallows, and also comes with a battery of up the phone’s size.

The Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P are the only two phones that come with a fingerprint scanner, and it’s a nice addition to the system.

The Nexus 5x is the only phone to come with an infrared blaster, and a microSD card reader.

There are a couple other phones that don’t come with the infrared blaster that come in Android Marshmina.

And the Pixel and Pixel XL have a built-in stereo microphone.

The Galaxy S7 Edge Plus has an infrared camera that works with Google’s Google Lens, and the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus come with it as well.

But for most people, this isn’t a big deal.

Google Lens and Google Lens+ have some really cool features that make them great for use with the Pixel camera, but they’re still not quite ready for mass adoption yet.

And while Google’s cameras aren’t quite ready, the Pixel cameras are, and they’re awesome.

If we’re looking at Google Lens as the best, and Google Glass as the most effective, Google has a big edge on Google Glass in terms of camera quality and battery life.

Google Lens+ is Google’s version of Google Lens.

It offers the ability to snap an image with a virtual lens that projects the image onto your phone’s display.

This is really cool, but the problem is that you can’t use this on the Pixel.

This makes it a bit less useful than Google Lens on the Nexus.

You have to shoot an image of the entire Pixel, then take the Pixel’s photo.

You can do that with the camera on the phone, but it’s hard to make a Pixel phone that’s a perfect selfie, or a great selfie camera, with Google Lens+.

This is a big reason why Google Glass+ is a better choice for many people.

Google has also added some new features to Google Lens+, including an HDR mode that can make your images brighter, and some new modes for shooting images with low-light photography.

These are nice additions, but for most, you don “need” HDR.

The only really great feature that Google has added to Google’s HDR mode is for selfies, where the Pixel has the best of both worlds, and lets you shoot selfies with the Google Pixel 2 XL.

Google Glass+ also comes bundled with an audio and video recorder.

This works well, but is a lot of money for a phone that costs $300.

If your only reason for getting Google Glass is for audio and Video recording, you can get a better camera with a cheaper camera.

The Moto G6 Plus is also a great choice for that, and you don.t have to buy an extra adapter.

Google also has some other cool apps and services, such as a Google Lens app, which lets you take pictures with your phone.

Google is really starting to get the message that people are ready to take selfies, and people who have Google Lens can do it with a great camera.

Google is a company that really wants to be seen as a leading innovator in the photography industry.

Its new Google Lens has some really nice features, but as a smartphone, it’s not great.

I don’t think it has the same level of polish as some of the other Android phones.

If Google is going to become a company in this space, it needs to be better.

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