What is YouTube editing software?

In this Dec. 18, 2014 file photo, software engineer Mark Cairns, left, and former Google engineer Alex Hwang, center, sit on a computer screen while the company’s new YouTube editing application is shown at their offices in Palo Alto, Calif.

The software company says its new application, called YouTube Video Editor, is a big step toward making YouTube videos editable and fun to watch.

(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File) The software giant Google Inc. is introducing an online video editing tool called YouTube video editor, which will let users edit videos and make them more interactive.

It’s the latest in a string of moves by the company to make video editing more accessible.

The software company is unveiling the product as part of a series of software improvements announced Wednesday to streamline its editing tools.

The new version of YouTube video editing, dubbed YouTube Video editor, will be free to download and install on desktop computers, iPhones and iPads.

The free version will also include features such as a more intuitive interface and better editing tools for video, music and videos of any genre.

In addition to being a free app, YouTube video editors are also available as a paid version.

YouTube said it plans to make the software available as an in-app purchase on Android phones, tablets and PCs, but it didn’t specify how much the product will cost.

The company also said it is adding a new feature that will allow users to add video to a video or audio track, and make it editable in the background.

Google said it has been working with video editors for a few years.

In June, it announced a series, the video editor platform, which it said allows users to edit videos, music or videos of their choice.

YouTube’s previous video editing software, YouTube Video, was available on the Apple iTunes Store, Google Play, and the Windows Store.

It also has its own version, YouTube Red.

Google’s previous videos editor, Google Video Composer, was sold in 2014 to Apple for $2.4 billion.

YouTube Video editor is part of the company, Google, YouTube’s new video editing platform.

YouTube announced Wednesday that it would be adding another feature to its editing tool, allowing users to create custom audio tracks to be added to videos.

“We want to make editing videos easier for people and make video creators’ lives easier,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai in a video statement announcing the new product.

YouTube’s video editing application will allow viewers to edit video and make videos more interactive, allowing them to move and pause videos as well as add music to video.

The company said that its new video editor will be the first video editor to support voice over, voice over subtitles and video tags, and will make it easier for viewers to share videos with friends.

YouTube said it will also add a feature that allows users in the future to use an app to control the video editing and editing tools while the app is running.

The feature will allow creators to control how the app performs video editing while it’s running, and to change the settings on the app.

Google said its YouTube Video editing application was released on March 21.

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