The Best Free Remote Desktop Software in 2018

By now you probably know that, in 2018, you can download any and all software from the free community on the Internet.

But in the past few years, there’s been a trend toward offering paid applications, as well.

You can download the latest version of a popular open source tool called SublimeText (or Sublime Text 2), for example, and it’s free to use, but you’ll need to pay a fee for the license to use it.

SublimeTabs, a Chrome extension that lets you open any text editor on your Mac or PC, is another option.

And while these paid apps are free to download, they’re only available for a limited time, so you’ll have to use the tool in order to get access.

That’s why you might want to download an older version of an open source application if you’re going to get paid. 

The best free remote desktop software In this article, we’re going the extra mile to show you which software we think you’ll find easiest to use with the most ease.

This is an unofficial list of free remote desktops from various sources.

The list is based on the free software license for a program like SublimeTT that lets users remotely edit text in any text-based editor.

The license allows you to download software for free, but the software comes with a license fee.

The licensing fee is based entirely on the number of users you have, and the more users you own, the more licenses you have.

The number of licenses you need depends on the version of the software you use, and whether you’re running it as a Mac or Windows machine.

If you’re on Windows, you’ll likely want to look at the Windows version of Sublime, as it’s a great replacement for Sublime.

If not, you may want to pick up a Mac-only version of that app for free.

For the most part, these free remote apps are more powerful and easier to use than SublimeTool, but they’re still pretty limited.

For instance, we haven’t included the most popular remote desktop apps on this list because of how difficult it is to find a free one for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

That said, these are the most powerful ones we’ve found. 


Subltitles Remote Desktop App If you use Sublime or SublimeScript on a Mac, you should definitely download this one, since it’s the most common free remote software we recommend.

The free version lets you edit any text file or text document on your computer and allows you multiple users to edit it at once.

The paid version, however, lets you do this on a single computer, with a subscription.

If the subscription runs out, you need to buy the paid version to continue using the feature. 

If you want to use Subltitions Remote Desktop, you also need to register for the subscription.

You’ll need the Sublime extension to use this option. 


Sublimetext Remote Desktop Extension This is a great free remote app for Linux, Windows, and OS X. The app lets you access your files on your Linux desktop by sending text to your Mac, and then editing them on your Windows desktop by copying them from your Mac to your Windows computer.

This app is only available on Linux, but it’s available on other operating systems too, such as Windows, OS X, and Mac OS X (Mac OS X is also available on iOS and Android). 

If this isn’t your first choice, you’re in luck!

Sublimetype Remote Desktop lets you create a remote desktop from anywhere in the world and lets you share files between computers.

The extension lets you save files as a folder on your local computer, which you can open on any Mac or open on a Windows machine for viewing. 


SubMoto Remote Desktop app This is a lightweight remote desktop application that lets the user edit text files on their Mac or Linux computer.

You install this app, create an account, and you can use it as much as you like, but then it comes with some restrictions.

You must sign in to your account on a computer you own or have permission to access.

You also can’t use the app on your home computer.

If SubMotos remote desktop isn’t for you, we recommend SubMotors Remote Desktop for Mac, which lets you remotely access your Mac and Linux computers on the same computer. 


 Remote Desktop for Android  This app is a nice one, but only available in the Google Play Store.

The developer has built in support for Android devices and it lets you install it on Android devices.

This free app is more of a stand-alone application, and can’t be installed on your Android device. 


Remote Desktop Essentials  If the free version of Remote Desktop Essences isn’t an option, you might consider purchasing the full version.

This premium app lets users

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