The best and the worst of the 2017 Google Home updates

The Google Home is still getting a few months away from its public debut, and for the first time, there’s a slew of new Google Home features that have arrived to the device.

While the updates are relatively small, there are a lot of changes to the Google Home app, which you’ll be familiar with from the official Google Home website.

This article covers the major updates.

Apps updated:Google Home (Google Home) now comes with Google Now, which offers information about upcoming events, weather, and other information.

This is useful if you’re on the hunt for an event or location and need to know if it’s going to be available for a particular day.

It also lets you see what your current location is and the proximity of nearby landmarks.

Google Now also lets users add their Google Assistant to the app, letting them ask the device what they need from the Google Assistant, and will even prompt them to check the weather.

The update also brings an improved Google Search, which now supports more languages and search terms.

It’s also easier to search for locations using Google Maps, as well as a number of other things.

If you’re looking to buy a new Google Glass or smartwatch, the updated Google Glass app will now let you check prices and find discounts.

Apps added:Google Now can now ask users for location information when they use it, and can now show nearby landmarks, including landmarks in the area where you’re currently located.

Google has also added a number new locations, including New York City and Hong Kong, to its map, along with some more obscure locations.

Apps removed:The app for the Google Play Store has been removed, as it doesn’t support the Google Now feature.

It’ll still work on the official Home app though.

Apps replaced:Google Search has been upgraded to include search terms that have been added to Google Maps.

This will let you search for places, places in particular, and even the closest ones to you.

The search feature will also now search for landmarks in specific locations.

Maps updated: Google has updated its maps app to include a number more locations, as Google Now has improved the accuracy of locations in general.

The new Google Maps app also lets the user search for a specific location using the location’s name and location, as opposed to the current system of just the name.

Apps and updates:Google Assistant has been updated to support a wide range of new features, including more languages, and also voice commands.

This includes questions that can be answered with a voice command, as you can now call out questions and actions.

The voice assistant will now ask questions like, “How much did you pay for that movie?” or “Who do you want to meet with today?”

The update adds a few new voice commands, such as, “Show me the closest coffee shop,” “Show all my coffee shops,” and “Tell me the time.”

Apps updated:You can now search Google for things on the map with Google Maps by typing in the address.

Maps updated:The search feature has been added for the new Google Places, which let you find places, times, and locations on a map.

The feature will now also ask you questions like “Where can I find a place to play basketball?” or, “Where is the closest restaurant?”

The location search feature is also much more accurate than before, allowing you to find places closer to your current point of interest.

Maps removed:Google’s Maps app has been discontinued, but the company will continue to support it.

Apps modified:The Google Maps feature has received an update, as the company has added new features for you to ask Google to show.

The update will now show you the nearest coffee shop and the closest places, as long as you are within the radius of that coffee shop or the closest restaurants.

The map will also show nearby hotels and restaurants, which are updated for each new location.

Apps updated/updated:The Maps app now lets you search by address, as in, “Can I find the nearest restaurant?”

You can also ask the Google Maps team for directions to any location, and the Google team will show you an example of the current route.

The Maps update adds several new features to the map.

It can now help you find restaurants nearby by searching by name.

You can now request directions from the team by typing a name.

The new Google Street View feature has a similar function to Google’s Street View, but instead of showing the exact location of a given location, you can see a zoomed-in view of the entire area of interest, which lets you zoom in on specific features of a building, such a restaurant or a landmark.

Apps changed:Google Maps now shows you the closest Starbucks location, which is a useful addition for those who live near a Starbucks.

You will also be able to request directions using Google Street Vision, which will let the user go to a specific spot on Google Maps and see directions for a certain distance.The Google

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