Microsoft unveils its ‘Windows 10’ software update

Microsoft today announced the launch of Windows 10 for PCs, Macs, tablets and phones, which is designed to simplify the use of Microsoft software, improve security, and increase the productivity of people working in a variety of industries.

The company announced that Windows 10 was available for download for free to customers running Windows 7 or 8.1, and also for free through Windows 10 Enterprise, which offers more powerful features.

“With this new update, we’re adding security enhancements, simplifying your workflow, and enabling you to do more with your life,” said Brian Murphy, vice president of product management for Microsoft.

“It’s all about making Windows more useful and engaging for your business.”

Windows 10 will offer the same broad suite of improvements to the user experience as Windows 8, but will also support a range of new features, including:Microsoft has also announced a number of changes to the way Windows 10 works, including the ability to launch applications from the Windows Start Menu, which will make it easier to use new software and add new features. 

Microsoft also has launched a number new Windows 10 apps, which include:Windows 10 for Business, a new feature for enterprises that lets businesses install and run Windows 10 from within their own Windows applications and files. 

Windows 10 Education, an extension for students that makes it easier for them to learn Windows 10. 

The company also announced Windows 10 Mobile, a way for people who use mobile devices to install and use Microsoft’s apps. 

“With Windows 10, Microsoft is making a real difference to people’s lives,” Murphy said. 

And Microsoft is also working to make it easy for people to switch between Windows 7 and Windows 8.x, with the new Start Menu and the ability for users to upgrade their Windows 10 install to Windows 10 Pro. 

These new features will become available to everyone who buys a Windows 10 subscription starting today, as well as businesses who upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro.

Windows 10 Mobile will also become available through Microsoft’s new “Windows 10 Pro” version. 

Other new features include: Microsoft has introduced a new “Quick Settings” setting that lets you control how quickly apps load on your device, with a few key taps, with more settings available in the Settings app, and with Cortana.

Microsoft has rolled out several updates to its own Office suite, including new features in Word and Excel, and improved accessibility in some Office apps.

Microsoft also released new versions of some of its apps, including Skype, and a number more.

Microsoft will also introduce a new version of its Skype for Business and Office 365 suite, which has a redesigned interface and features new integrations. 

One of the new features for Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription, Microsoft Office 2016, will be free through October 31, 2018.

Microsoft is also adding new features to the Microsoft Access and Office productivity suites, including a new Cortana voice-search feature, and Office for Business Pro, which includes support for Microsoft Office Mobile and Skype.

Microsoft also announced the new Windows Insider Program for Windows 10 Insider Preview builds, which lets people test and download Windows 10 and Office on Windows 10 machines, for free.

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