How to setup the ArchLinux Desktop on a Raspberry Pi 2 with a webcam and an HDMI cable

What’s your favourite Linux desktop?

We love our Linux distros.

If we’ve been a little short on the details, we’ve put together a handy guide that will show you exactly how to get a basic Linux desktop running on your Raspberry Pi.

If you’re new to the Raspberry Pi world, we’d recommend this first guide from a previous edition of the Raspberry PI guide.

If, however, you’ve been using a RaspberryPi for a while, you might want to start here first.

A Raspberry Pi and webcam The first step is to set up your RaspberryPi to be able to run a webcam.

We’re going to use the Pi as a webcam, so let’s set that up.

You can do this by downloading a few different software packages: Raspberry Pi Camera for webcam management (available for Ubuntu) Raspberry Pi USB Camera Driver (available on Debian, ArchLinux and other Linux distributions) We’re also going to need a camera to be mounted on the RaspberryPi.

The easiest way to do this is to install the OpenCV camera package on your computer.

This will allow you to run OpenCV on the webcam.

For more information about OpenCV, check out the Open Camera website.

OpenCV will be installed automatically on your system, so you don’t need to do anything extra.

You’ll need to set this up for the Raspberry’s webcam to work.

Open the Raspberrypi Camera command-line interface (if it’s not already running) by typing: sudo raspi-config Open the Opencv software package (if you’re on a Debian system) by running: sudo apt-get install opencv Now we’re going try out the webcam configuration.

Open up the camera configuration file (if the camera isn’t already running), by typing the following command: sudo cameractl configuration We’ll then enter the following into the console window: sudo opencv -i config_path /etc/opencv/config The -i switch tells OpenCV to look for the camera config file in /etc. Open a terminal window and execute: sudo cat /etc /opencv-config You should see something like this: [OpenCV Configuration] [Camera] cnt = 1, fov = 180, f_offset = 0, fb_offset=0, fz_offset=-10, fp_offset_x = 0x0,fp_height_x=0x0x,f_bias = 0 [Audio] ct_type = mono,rtc_rate = 25,codec_rate_name = PCM_AC3_128,codeloader_name=audio_codec,codex_name_name=’codec-ac3′,codepth_type_name2 = stereo,codeptha_type1 = stereo [Audio Codec] ctl_type=audio,codeflow_rate=20,codescample_rate=-20,quality_rate 0 [Video Codec] b_type:aac,b_bitrate=30,bitrate_rate 50 [Video Encoder] cti_type=’aspect-ratio’,codecid=0 [Video Decoder] cddb_type’:0,crc_rate:1,codeline_rate -2 [Video Encode] cfd_type’ ‘video_encoding,codemodel_codel_name’ [Video Display] cvd:1 [Audio Output] cdhd:1 Video output device [Video Output] baudrate:8048,codetitle:Aac,Dolby Digital,DTS,DMA,DPA,DVBS,DAT,DVS [Video output] source OpenCV Video Configuration If the camera doesn’t exist, create one by running the following commands: sudo cp /etc

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