How to block and uninstall all the software on your iPhone that’s causing you problems

The latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system has added a new feature called AppBlock, which allows you to block or uninstall apps from your phone.

It’s a new way of preventing your phone from downloading or installing unwanted apps, as well as preventing the apps from running in the background.

AppBlock, developed by security firm CrowdStrike, can be used to block apps from installing without your knowledge, and to stop apps from opening or opening apps without your permission.

It also blocks any app that you install from your device that you don’t want installed.

Apple is one of the most popular Android phone makers, and the company has been the target of a massive cyberattack by hackers.

The attack has forced the company to temporarily suspend the app stores for iPhones and iPads, and is also making it difficult for users to use their iPhones in countries that are affected by the attack.

Apple has said that the latest version of iOS 9.3.4 has blocked apps from accessing your contacts, text messages, iCloud accounts, calendars, and other important data.

Apple says the app blocks all apps that can’t be easily blocked.

It will also block apps that are not part of the App Store, which means they will not be accessible to third-party apps.

Apple’s AppBlock feature, which was introduced with iOS 9, lets you add apps to the app list, and block them from running automatically when you install the new version of the operating system.

You can also block all apps you don`t want installed from your iPhone.

This is useful if you don´t want to run apps that you can’t install without your consent, but are concerned about installing malicious apps on your phone or your computer.

You could also block the apps if you want to block them for a specific user, such as a friend, and also block them if you are concerned that they will run without permission.

If you are a security researcher and want to work with Apple to develop AppBlock to protect your smartphone, you can contact CrowdStrike at [email protected]

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