How to become a ‘cult of personality’ writer: An interview with Michael Shermer

When Michael Sherman came to the United States, he had a new passion: being a writer.

He had been studying for a Ph.

D. in psychology, and after graduating, he worked as a freelance writer for a local news site, the Washington Post, and in his mid-20s, started a blog,

The website was an instant hit, with more than a million reviews.

As Shermer began writing about politics and culture, he came to appreciate the political blogosphere.

“I just thought, ‘I want to make sure I can be a part of it,’ ” Shermer said.

“It’s a way to get your voice heard, to be heard in a way that you’re not being heard elsewhere.”

That sense of a larger community of readers made Shermer think that writing was more than just a hobby.

“You have a life outside of your work,” Shermer told me.

“The fact that I’m able to be part of that, it makes me feel good about my life.”

For a while, he wrote for the blog, including a blog post about the first woman nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

He later went on to become the president of The American Prospect, where he became one of the most influential conservative voices on Capitol Hill.

Shermer’s writing became a major source of political commentary on the left, but he was also a critic of the political establishment, including the Democratic party.

When the 2016 election became a referendum on the Democratic Party, he became a target of criticism.

Sherman, a Democrat, said that his critics used the term “corrupt” to describe him and his work.

“They were trying to paint me as a puppet of Hillary Clinton,” he told me, adding that his detractors were trying “to paint a picture of me being beholden to the Clinton campaign.”

“They didn’t even know what I was saying,” Sherman continued.

“So they were making all sorts of assumptions that were completely false.”

But the fact that Sherman wrote on a political blog made him an instant hero on the right, and it helped propel him to the top of the Republican Party, where Shermer was the first chairman of the GOP National Committee.

“What the left wants to do to you, they want to take you down,” Shermian said.

The first election Shermer won in his post-election role as chairman was the 2012 election, when he was reelected by a margin of 538 to 397.

After Trump won the White House, Shermer took on the mantle of the “national security adviser” and helped push the Trump administration to take aggressive action against Iran and Russia.

Shermians support for Trump has waned in recent years, though he has made clear that he still supports his former boss.

In 2016, Shermings views of Trump were a turning point in his life, when the candidate started tweeting in support of the president and attacking his political opponents.

Sherms first reaction to Trump’s tweets was a “shock” and “shocked,” he said.

Then, “it became an obsession.”

He began writing political essays, which he called “an effort to get out the truth.”

The goal was to “make it clear, to get my message out,” he explained.

“That’s what I wanted to do.

I wanted people to be able to read my book.”

In the years that followed, Shermans writings on Trump resonated with other conservatives.

“He’s been the most important voice for me in my life,” Shermore said.

His work has been shared on Facebook and elsewhere, and his tweets have become a kind of “news-cycle” of conservative voices.

Shermore told me that his most recent book, The Righteous Mind, will be released this spring.

He plans to devote the book to his father, former Congressman Joseph Sherm.

“Joseph was one of my heroes,” Shermar said.

Shermar believes that the “corrupted” political establishment has lost touch with what he describes as “the American spirit.”

In his book, Shermar tells the story of how, in the 1990s, he was approached by a friend who said he would like to help him find a new political home.

The friend suggested that Sherm should get involved with a political group.

Shermand decided to join the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a conservative-leaning organization.

“As I got to know the members of CPAC, I began to realize that they are all corrupted by their own party,” Shermand told me in an interview.

“And so, I think they’re more concerned about protecting themselves and their party than they are about the future of the country.”

Shermer is a Republican who has long been a supporter of Donald Trump.

In 2014, Shermand hosted a fundraiser for Trump’s presidential campaign at his home, which is in the district where Shermans son is a congressional

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