How to avoid a new government shutdown by using social media

Senate Democrats on Tuesday unveiled new legislation that would make it easier for Americans to get help from the federal government and block any attempt to shut down the nation’s capital.

The legislation would create a new national cybersecurity agency and allow the president to designate a “cybersecurity czar” who would serve in the position while serving in the White House.

It would also provide funding for the National Institute of Standards and Technology and provide for a temporary moratorium on new cybersecurity rules.

The Senate bill would also require Congress to provide funding to the Federal Communications Commission to protect Americans from cyberattacks.

It would also allow the National Academies to issue a report on the cyberthreats facing the nation, and it would prevent the president from making a sweeping declaration that he wants the government shut down or from requiring congressional approval of any cybersecurity legislation.

The measure, known as the Cybersecurity and Communications Privacy Act, would create the Cyber Security Council, which would provide a panel of experts to advise the president and Congress on cybersecurity issues.

It also would create two independent cybersecurity panels, one for each congressional district, and require them to make recommendations on cybersecurity to the president.

The White House has called the bill the “President’s Cybersecurity Strategy” and has said it is a “game-changer.”

Democrats in Congress have also introduced legislation to defund the government if Congress doesn’t act by Jan. 19, when a deadline to raise the federal debt ceiling expires.

The Cybersecurity Act, which has the backing of Democrats in both chambers, was introduced by Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., and Rep. John Conyers, D.


It is being co-sponsored by Sen.-elect Tammy Duckworth, D.-Ill., Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D., and Sen. Tom Udall, D-.


It is not clear if Democrats in the Senate and House would vote on the legislation.

The House voted last week to reject a proposal to fund the government through Feb. 27, and Republicans in both houses have said they would not accept a similar bill.

President Donald Trump has not said if he will veto the measure, which is similar to the Senate bill.

The Trump administration has faced criticism from lawmakers for not doing enough to address cyberthreat threats and for allowing a major cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment to happen.

Trump has called for the federal budget to be “balanced” between defense and domestic programs, but the Pentagon has been unable to keep up.

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