Corsair Keyboard Software Engineer Rejects LinkedIn Interview

The software engineer at Corsairs company, Corsair, has said he rejected a LinkedIn interview with the firm because the job description didn’t match his qualifications.

“My interview is not enough to get the job and I don’t think I am good enough to do the job,” wrote John Wainwright on LinkedIn, a popular job board.

Wainwyre said that while he was interested in the position, the interviewer said he couldn’t do the work because he wasn’t qualified.

“I am sure he is wrong, I have not been a candidate before.

I would not recommend that to anyone.”

Wainwr, who has worked in the software industry for more than 15 years, said he applied for the position on the same day he started working at Corsair, but it was denied.

“The interviewer did not tell me what they wanted to hear, I had no idea what the question was and it didn’t make any sense.

The interview went on and on,” he wrote.

“So, it seems like I have no business there, I did not want to be a part of that.”

Wannewe said he was frustrated because he had been “playing the role of a customer”.

“It’s really frustrating, I am a software engineer, I’m really interested in software and I really like working on software and being part of a company,” he said.

Wannews interview with LinkedIn was one of several rejected for the job, according to LinkedIn.

He said the company was “unfair” to people who had been unsuccessful in their attempts to get a job.

He added that he was disappointed that the job did not match the qualifications he had.

“It is a shame that a company that is so well known for having the best software has denied me the opportunity to apply and work for the company,” Wainwre said.

LinkedIn said it had not received a complaint from the candidate and that it had never had an employee or a candidate with a disability denied a job because of a disability.

A spokesman said the search criteria were “designed to give people a fair shot to find a job that matches their qualifications, skills and interests”.

“We encourage candidates who have been rejected in the past to apply again.

We also encourage people to share their experience and opinions on how they have been dealt with and are now making progress,” the company said.

“We’re looking forward to hiring candidates with great technical and/or engineering skills.”

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