BMW’s BMW M3 gets new update for software and features

BMW’s new M3 sedan will get an update for its software and software-related features, the automaker announced on Wednesday.

The BMW M2, which launched in 2009, was the first car to be equipped with a driver-assist system and was the model that made the M3 such a success in the global market.

The update for the BMW M5 will include the addition of a new, “premium” driver assistance system that has been designed for the sedan’s sporty styling and a suite of new driver assistance features.

The new driver assist system is similar to that used in the BMW i3, the car that debuted in 2016.

The new feature in the new BMW M4 and BMW M6 models will be the “smart lane” feature that can automatically steer to the left and right in order to help drivers avoid a collision, or to avoid a car in the lane ahead of them.

This new feature has been tested extensively and is expected to be fully available in all BMW M cars when the update is available later this year.

The car will also get a new driver-side infotainment system that is similar in some ways to that of the Audi A8.

The system can be activated using a smartphone app, which is a new feature for the M5, and will work in both landscape and portrait modes.

The feature will also be available in two versions for the new M5: one with a new touchscreen interface, which allows drivers to access the M car’s features directly from the instrument cluster, and another with a touchscreen interface that is also used for navigation and voice recognition.

The driver-focused infotouch interface is a significant departure from previous BMW models.

Previous BMW models used a touchpad that was used to interact with the navigation system.

This version uses a different touchpad, which was used for voice recognition, for all the car’s driver-specific functions, including driver assistance.

The infotruck is also new in the M4, which will get the new feature that is intended for larger vehicles, like SUVs and large pickup trucks.

The M4 sedan will also receive an improved driving mode that is designed to improve stability and safety, as well as a new safety feature called “Brake Assist.”

Brake assist is an option that can be enabled when the car is accelerating or braking, and can be set to activate the car with or without a push of the brake pedal.

This option will allow the driver to feel the car accelerate or brake at their own pace without having to press the brake button.

This will help prevent a driver from hitting a stop sign or other obstacle in an emergency situation.

Brake assistance can also be enabled in two modes: Normal and Sport, which are intended for driving at moderate speeds.

Normal mode will be a driver’s best mode.

The sport mode will work better at speeds up to 50 mph and will require a higher degree of control from the driver.

The BAC will also feature an “Active Brake Assist” system that will allow for a driver to brake even if the car has stopped.

The feature will enable the driver’s brakes to be activated even if they have not stopped and when the brakes have not been applied.

The mode will also let the driver control the speed of the car when the brake is applied, to make it more enjoyable to drive.

The “Active Blind Spot Assist” is a similar feature to that that in the Audi i3.

The function will alert the driver when the driver is behind the wheel of a vehicle that is moving too fast, to allow them to brake at a safe speed.

The driver will be able to manually slow the vehicle down, as long as the speed limit is at least 40 mph.

This update comes as the automakers work to develop the M model in conjunction with BMW’s internal research and development team, which includes BMW engineers, design and technology professionals, and BMW’s engineering partners.

The company also announced a new BMW Sport sedan, which it says will include a more powerful electric motor, a larger engine bay, and a new rear wing.

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